In order to "capture" visitors on the Internet, it takes well designed websites, online campaigns and destination pages to providing an attractive, compelling and generally helpful environment for the visitor. Since digital marketing is far less expensive than traditional marketing, a lower investment of hard dollars is required for entry thus making a return on that investment (ROI) simpler to realize.


Internet consumers have become conditioned to receiving the information they are looking for instantly and have no problem moving from one website to another to find it. Convincing visitors to stay and even return to your site is essential. We want visitors to find reasons to keep coming back to our clients’ sites. Unique visitor retention is a key to converting a click into a client.


What constitutes a conversion is unique to the goals of any given website but the general definition is, “… making a website visitor perform specific tasks.” Those tasks might be the purchase of an item, a sign-up for a program, the offer of their email address or even clicking through to view another message. Whatever the goals, Graphic by Cindy will help you to convert your visitors.

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