Digital Marketing

Is your website generating enough leads for your business?

Is your website generating enough leads for your business? Ten reasons why you might be struggling (and how we can help)   Optimizing your website for conversions is something we all, as business owners, need to do. However, it never fails that many of us tend to over-complicate what should be a relatively simple task with details and features that actually do the opposite of what you’re trying to
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Reviews and Ratings: Making Them Work for You

Reviews and Ratings: Making Them Work for You   Online ratings and reviews are a fact of life for most businesses today. No matter how much stock you put into them yourself, there are a lot of statistics to support the fact that most consumers take them very seriously – even more so than direct recommendations from friends and family.   As an aspect of your online presence that you have
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Getting Started with Remarketing

Getting Started with Remarketing   Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is a strategy that leverages Google Ads and Facebook to re-serve your ad or content to users who have already visited your site. The success of remarketing lies in the fact that your audience is already interested in what you offer, and with it, you can cross-sell, upsell, or encourage those users to come back.   For instance, say a
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What is the difference between SEO/SEM/PPC?

With so many acronyms floating around in the digital world, your head might be spinning in an effort to get a grip on all of it. What do they mean? Are they important? Do I even need to know? These are all good questions and, depending on what you do and how you do it, they may well be!   So, let’s look at three of the more common
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Google Ads Keyword Tips

Google AdWords is a popular digital advertising method that can be beneficial to your brand. However, if you are diving in without a net, it can be an expensive proposition. Proper keyword research is the key to success, and for that reason, we’ve put together some Google AdWords keyword tips to help get you started.   How Google AdWords works Google AdWords leverages your keywords to get your ads
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