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Load Times over Page Speed

Why load times, not PageSpeed, are important for good SEO Forget about Page Speed! More often lately, we see people flipping out about not landing a high enough score in Google’s PageSpeed.   This expresses the reality of how difficult it is for some people to understand how a powerhouse like Google can offer a tool that doesn’t really matter – but here’s the thing: it doesn’t.
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7 Costly Business Mistakes

7 Costly Business Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid   The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. - John Powell   For many first-time entrepreneurs, they often have to navigate the minefield of making costly mistakes. Sometimes these challenges can reveal a more efficient way of doing things, but at other times it could mean the demise of their business. Many of the mistakes have usually
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Graphics by Cindy Featured in Voyage Houston Magazine

  Thanks so much to the fine folks over at Voyage Houston for the lovely article. Made our day! If you'd like to learn more about Graphics by Cindy, and our owner Cindy Pruitt, just click through to the article below.   http://voyagehouston.com/interview/meet-cindy-pruitt-graphics-cindy-montrose/
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Why Custom Designed Websites Lead to Increased Conversions

The latest trend of DIY website building has made it an affordable and fast option for many startups and small businesses with a limited budget to have an online presence. However, many of these offerings are template in nature and result in different websites all looking like each other. Your brand gets watered down by being housed in the exact frame as all of your competitors. This is because there
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The Importance of Meta Tags for SEO

Essentially meta tags describe your website page’s content. These tags are not visible on your page but in its code. They are there to tell the search engine algorithm crawlers what your website is all about. There are a fair number of meta tags that you can use on your site, but not all of them are necessary for SEO purposes. If you would like to see if the
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